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    My current research focuses on studying large sets of user-generated social media photos. Drawing on methodologies from digital humanities, media theory, information science, software studies, art history, cultural studies, and computer science, I offer a qualitative and quantitative analysis that theorizes and visualizes current and experimental forms of visual information organizations over social media platforms.

    Featured Projects & Publications


    • August, 2014

      One of our Phototrails visualization is featured on the cover of Rob Kitchin's new book Data Revolution!

    • July, 2014

      Check out this workshop and please consider submitting your work to "The Search is Over-Exploring Cultural Collections with Visualization" that will take place between 11-12 September at DL2014 in London!

    • July, 2014

      I'm excited to present my work in the upcoming Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space conference, that will take place  in Amsterdam between 18-20 July, 2014. Our panel is titled "Reconceptualizing Public Space and Place Through Social Media" and I will be presenting next to the great Germaine Halegoua, Jessa Lingel, and Raz Schwartz.

    • May, 2014

      I'm looking forward to present my ongoing dissertation work to the connective media hub at Cornell Tech, NYC.

    • April, 2014

      In the next ICWSM conference I will present a new project that theorizes Hyper-Locality on social media using the case study of social media photos taken during the street artist Banksy month long residency in NYC during October 2013.